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For over two decades, Art4Impact has facilitated the Pride Fence activation at Nettelhorst School in support of LGBTQ Equality.

With the inaugural installation in 2009, two years before Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, Nettelhorst Elementary became the first public school to walk in Chicago’s Pride Parade.

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What Does the Fabric Mean?

For centuries, the people of Japan annually celebrate the tradition of Tanabata, or the Star Festival, by writing their wishes on colorful paper streamers and hanging them on bamboo branches for the universe to answer.

In a similar fashion, each spring, Nettelhorst students tie a piece of fabric to our fence as a tangible display of their wishes or intentions to create a better place in which to live and play. We invite you, as you gaze upon the colors of our fence, to form your own resolution to improve our neighborhood, our society, our world.

Walk with Us

Nettelhorst is a diverse community focused on developing independent, creative thinkers, who make positive contributions to our world. Like the strips of fabric tied to our fence, our community is rich in its many colors, textures, and fibers, woven together into a brilliant tapestry.

In 2009 — as a visible sign of our continued support for the neighborhood of which we are a part and the families that we serve—Nettelhorst became the first public elementary school to walk in Chicago’s Pride Parade. This tradition underscores our commitment of respect for all Nettelhorst families and symbolizes our collective intention—that each of us becomes kinder, gentler, and more accepting.

Join us as we walk together in the parade.

At Nettelhorst, we believe family means everybody.

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