Helping Each Other Amplify Love

An evolving, interactive, public arts memorial in response to the Michigan State shooting

Created from the humblest of materials – yarn, twine, chalk, and strips of fabric — the Spartan Promise represents our enduring spirit, radical resilience, and unwavering commitment to end gun violence in America.

Americans killed by guns every day
Children killed by guns since Sandy Hook
Minors living in a home with at least one loaded, unlocked firearm

Victims of the Michigan State shooting

Arielle Anderson
Arielle AndersonSophomore, Age 19
Brian Fraser
Brian FraserSophomore, Age 20
Alexandria Verner
Alexandria VernerSophomore, Age 19

the piece is not the
point. The point is the process.

Through our collective journey, we are creating a haven for healing and empowerment – a place that will give our heartbroken community somewhere to come create, and commune in a productive, deeply connected way.

This space represents our interconnectedness.

It represents hope.

It invites visitors to commune with their grief, connect with each other, celebrate the lives we’ve lost, and create something meaningful to leave in our wake.

Here, you leave feeling more hopeful than when you arrived.

Here, we transform our pain into poetry.

May it fertilize the soil of our community with hope, action, and peace so we can sow blooms of change, healing, togetherness, and triumph.

Art elements

The SpartanPromise Arts Memorial is an evolving, deeply collaborative community expression. All are welcome to add authentic, positive voice.

The piece incorporates elements from scores of installations from across the country, including three activations on the United States Capitol lawn.
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Organizers are committed to creating psychologically safe, inclusive, respectful, beautiful and welcoming environment.

As such, the pie ce is ‘gently’ curated. Organizers may remove any item deemed to be inconsistent with the spirit or aesthetic of the work.

That said, sometimes, without rhyme or reason, things go missing. It happens. It’s the nature of public art. Come back. Make more.

In all likelihood, gifted items will not be retuned. 

Thank you in advance for your voice. It matters.

4 ways to engage


Come. Create.
Add your voice to our evolving installation.


Send Congress
a 1 minute video message.

If I die in a school shooting




The Spartan Fund
supports students
& families in need.

MOVING forward

The road marks are clear.

We must turn our collective anguish into action.

Of all the lessons of February 14th, perhaps the greatest is this:

The path ahead – whatever the incline – is one we must walk together.

Send a video message to Congress

PROJECT partners


​If I die in a school shooting, politicize my death. Fight for our safety, turn my funeral into a protest.

If I die in a school shooting, I will never play sports again. My goals, my hopes, my dreams, will all come to an end.

If I die in a school shooting, battle until students and teachers are safe. Don’t let my death become a statistic, help kids go to school unafraid.

If I die in a school shooting, I will never become a doctor. I will never graduate high school, and my parents will no longer have a daughter.

If I die in a school shooting, my little brother will become an only child. Fight for all the lost lives, and make change be required.

If I die in a school shooting, turn my ashes into a book. And write the story of how my life should have looked.

If I die in a school shooting, deliver my heart to the NRA because those people are heartless and I was a child they could have saved.

If I die in a school shooting, my family will be in pain. Give them a hug, and turn the hurt into change.

If I die in a school shooting, please let me be the last.


Hailey Chase, The Young Writers Project



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