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Votes Delivered in Georgia Senate Runoff 2021
Local Artists Engaged

Georgia’s Senate Runoff election

Thanks to the collective might of our partners, efforts to increase early voter and absentee vote numbers made all the difference. Vote Tree’s digital messaging, instant registration QR site signage and guerrilla-style tactics delivered dramatic and measurable impact. When all the dust settled, our creative GOTV effort helped Block Power deliver 24.4K votes.


VoteTree’s interactive art installation served as the backdrop for Sen. Raphael Warnock’s Souls to the Polls rally at ATL’s Liberty International Church.

Before marching to an early voting site to cast his own ballot, Warnock gathered a group of a dozen prominent Black leaders, including Martin Luther King III, Henrietta Antonin, Atlanta Mayor Andre Dickens, and the 90-year-old former congressman and U.N. ambassador Andrew Young.

In 2021, Vote Tree’s live art + music activation on featured local emergent artists, particularly women and underrepresented voices. In a single afternoon, artists collaborated to transform a chain-link construction fence into Dear America: A Chain-link Love Letter From Atlanta (pass it on).

The exuberant 250′ murallage was featured across news outlets and social media, including Raphael Warnock’s Instagram post the day before the election and the opening frames of the Season 6 premiere of Showtime’s The Circus.

It is time for everyone to know their power.

Yolanda Renee King

Now, my dad used to say, when we talk about going to the polls,
that is one of the most important steps we can take.
Let’s do our jobs.

Martin Luther King III

Don’t take it lightly.
You have the strength and the power to change this country.
We did once and we can damn sure do it again.

Henrietta Antoninin

This is a long, long struggle.
You are those who keep the battle going.
That is soul power.
You can’t give that up.
You can’t afford to lose it.

Ambassador Andrew Young

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