In the face of unspeakable tragedy, the Highland Park Arts Memorial traveled to Nashville to help bring hope and healing, place and purpose –a way forward. Find our evolving community expression at Bongo Java and in front of homes across Tennessee.

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Deepest Gratitude to Jodi Whittaker Nashville Giclee, Anne the Framer of Framed!, Lizzie Carsello & Bob Bernstein of Bongo Java for giving our arts expression wings. Humbled to walk alongside you in this movement.

Americans killed by guns every day
Children across the country killed by gun violence since Sandy Hook
Minors living in a home with at least one loaded, unlocked firearm

Learn the facts about gun violence across the country here.

Invitation to A Conversation

Our evolving piece builds on the Highland Park Arts Memorial and ENOUGH installations from around the country. It features 30K strips of orange fabric representing all the children killed by gun violence since Sandy Hook.

A sacred space to give our heartbroken community somewhere to come, create, and commune in a productive, deeply connected way.

Here, you will leave feeling more hopeful than when you arrived. Here, we transform pain into poetry.

Here, we aim to drive systemic change.

Yes. Amen. Let it be.


On January 21, 2013, 15-year-old Hadiya Pendleton marched in President Obama’s second inaugural parade. One week later, she was shot and killed on a Chicago playground. Her friends commemorated her life by wearing orange, the color hunters wear in the woods to protect themselves and others.

We create in orange to honor the memory of Hadiya – and Evelyn, Mike, William, Katherine, Cynthia, Hallie – and hundreds of thousands more.

We create in orange to support survivors and families.

We create in orange to inspire systemic change.

We create in orange because we are spitfire, rebirth, and above all, love.

Average gun deaths in Tennessee every year
Gun injuries in Tennessee every year
Gun violence costs Tennessee each year.

Learn the facts about gun violence in Tennessee here.

Find us

BONGO EAST • 107 S. 11th St.

Bongo Java East Nashville
Bongo Java

BONGO FIDO • 1812 21st Ave

Bongo Java East Nashville
Bongo Java

BONGO JAVA • 2007 Belmont Blvd.

Bongo Java East Nashville
Bongo Java

A Note to Contributors

Invitation to A Conversation is an organic, deeply collaborative, nonpartisan, exclusively positive community expression. We invite you to add your authentic voice and any handmade artistry in the orange theme. Create at home or onsite. We’ll have tons of crafting supplies on hand to engage and inspire.

Whatever you contribute, know that others will build upon your work. Organizers will be ‘gently curating.’ So, no ego. And alas, sometimes stuff we adore goes missing. It’s the way of things.

Bring what you want, take what you need. Godspeed.

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